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Please review vendor information and complete the form below

Event Details: Sunday August 25th 2024
Application Deadline: July21st 2024
You will be notified of your application status by July 28th 2024
If accepted you will receive an email with detailed event info.
Once accepted, fee is due by August 7th 2024
Adult Vendors: $80
Junior Vendors age 10-17: $45

Check or Mondey Order (no cash) must be made out to: Fraternal Order of Eagles #72

Please mail your payment to:
Artisan Booths
PO Box 1147
Aromas, CA 95004

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Sunday August 25th 9am - 4pm

Booth Vendor Application
For information or questions email

Are you a Non-Profit

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

Vendor Application: Job Application


  • As a participant, I agree to hold harmless the show promoters, organizers, and sponsors for any loss or damage to goods, products, persons, or equipment. I understand that the sale and display of my goods, products, and/or equipment are solely my responsibility. The promoters provide only the space and venue.

  • I agree not to sell any items not listed in my application without prior approval. I understand that failure to comply will jeopardize my future participation in Aromas Day. I agree to remove any items from my booth that the organizers, promoters, or sponsors deem unfit or objectionable in any way.

  • I agree to keep my booth open for the duration of the show, from 9 am to 4 pm. I understand and will abide by all the rules outlined in this application and the information provided below.

  • Junior vendors must have an adult or guardian with them in their booth at all times, with a minimum ratio of one adult to one minor.

  • I understand that the application fee is non-refundable.

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  • Booths will be located on or near Carpenteria Ave in Aromas

  • Set up begins at 6am. All vehicles must be removed from the street fair area by 8am. Please arrive on time.

  • One booth per artisan, you can share a booth with one other artisan.

  • The promoters provide a 10x10 space only (no tables, booths, equipment or electricity)

  • Booth vendors must be ready and open to customers by 9 am and must manage their booth until 4 pm, regardless of whether they have merchandise to sell.

  • No vehicles will be allowed into the street fair until 4:30 pm to ensure pedestrians have ample time to vacate the area.

  • Booth vendors must clean up their assigned spaces before leaving the event area

  • Weather ranges from hot and sunny to cold and foggy, be prepared!

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Artisan and Vendor Questions:
Non-Profit Questions:

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